KLM is a non-profit society organized and operated mainly by volunteers. Our most visible volunteers are our coaches and managers but there are many other volunteer roles performed by members such as field lining and photo day assistants to ensure the kids at KLM have the best soccer experience. We are in constant need of volunteers so please consider contributing for one of the volunteer opportunities available at KLM.

As a volunteer you will receive a discount on your yearly registration fees. We understand many of you have schedules that will not permit you to volunteer at KLM, so a small volunteer fee is charged to offset the cost of operating the club.

If you would to contribute some of your time at KLM please contact: headadministrator@klmsoccer.com

Volunteer Opportunities

Coach/Assistant Coach

Each team has at least two coaches who are responsible for on-field activities for the team. Starting in the 2018/2019 Fall/Winter season the KLM Technical Director will support our volunteer coaches through lesson plans, periodic in house coaching clinics and information regarding BC Soccer accredited courses.

Team Manager

Each team has a manager – a parent on the team who is responsible for administering the team. At the start of the season the club will provide each manager a KLM Resource Guide Manual that will provide each manager the A-Z’s of managing your child’s team and to ensure it is an enjoyable experience.

Parent Supervisor

The Parent Supervisor is tasked with being on the field and working under the direction of the staff coaches. You will be responsible for 3-4 kids during the session and assist the KLM staff coach in keeping players organized and focused on the activities.

Field Lining

If you are a parent of a child who is in the U8, U9 and U10 age groups (Minis), then this is the perfect volunteer role for you. Our minis home field Kensington Park needs to be lined every Friday afternoon in preparation for games on Saturday. Your contribution would be to line both mini fields for 2 consecutive weeks during the season. The club will provide you with a liner and paint. Everything can fit in any size car easily. When you are done you pass on the equipment to the next volunteer on the list.

Photo Day Volunteer

Work with the Photo Day Coordinator on photo day ensuring all teams have their order forms completed etc and just help with general “people management”. Time commitment – 2 shifts available, generally 3 hours each. 2 people per shift.

Transport KLM Tent To Special Events

Each season KLM participates in community events at various locations in the Vancouver area. You would be responsible for picking up the KLM tent at our storage facility on Kent & Marine, transporting it to the event location and coming back at the end of the event and transporting the tent back to the storage facility.

Working KLM Booth at Special Events

You would be responsible for working in the KLM tent at one of the community events the club participates in. You would be required to set up/ take down the tent and distribute promotional material . Your contribution would be 3 consecutive hours.

Year End KLM Barbecue

KLM will be hosting a barbecue at the beginning or end of each season. There would be a variety of tasks to perform such as grill chief, drinks distribution, garbage pick-up, set up/take down and any other duties required during the barbecue. Your contribution here would be 3 consecutive hours.

Year End KLM Awards Event

Club will need volunteers for set up/ take down, greeting members at the door, and any other duties required during the Awards Event. Your contribution would be 3 consecutive hours.