Fields are subject to closure depending of weather conditions. It is the responsibility of the home team to notify their opposition if the grass field is closed due to field closure and the game has been scheduled for the alternate field. Field decisions may not be uniform throughout the playing area. Grass fields may be closed in one municipality while they are open in another. The referee is responsible for making the final decision as to the playability of a field even if it is still designated as open.

In case of snowfall, be aware that snow may be sporadic, some fields being covered while others are totally bare and playable. It is the responsibility of the home team to notify their opposition and Division Liaison if the field is not playable because of snow.

Check the following sources for the latest information on field status. If Title is red then clicking it will go to the internet page.

Vancouver Parks

604-473-6206 after 1PM Fridays





West Vancouver


North Vancouver

604-983-6444, then 5033 after noon Fridays

Artificial Turf Fields

Footwear must be cleaned on mats before the players enter the field. No screw-in stud footwear are allowed, including metal or plastic studs. No food is allowed on the field. Do not drop orange peels etc. onto the turf. Take all your garbage with you. Spectators must remain outside the fenced area - only players and coaching staff are allowed on the field.

Field Locations

Vancouver and 4-District Fields can be found at BC Soccer Central.

There are also maps for 4-District Fields on our website under General Documents