8 Aside U11, U12

(U11 Gold and all tiers of U12 are also referred to as Divisional by League Schedulers)

U11 and U12 (born 2008 and 2007 respectively), commonly referred to as 8-aside, are transitional years in soccer. Play at this level is player-centred, meaning the focus is to respect the developmental needs of our players first. Having fun while learning will promote a continued love and desire to keep playing the game of soccer.

KLM has teams for both genders at this age group. They play on a modified field with eight instead of eleven player teams, play a modified off-side rule, and must adhere to the new BCSA Retreat line policy. The club provides each team with one practice night a week, and the club does their best to schedule teams of the same age on the same day and location. The individual parents of teams do have the option to rent a school gymnasium through the Vancouver School Board (VSB) for a 2nd practice during the winter months. This is a cost the parents would be responsible for therefore all parents and team officials would have to be in agreement before proceeding. The club will provide contact information for the VSB Rentals Department. All coaches at this age group are volunteers. KLM ensures our volunteers have opportunities to attend BCSA-sponsored coaching clinics and other specialty workshops to improve their skills and coaching knowledge.

It is recommended that parents register their children prior to the assessment process, which takes place over the course of various sessions towards the end of the player’s U10 year prior to the Autumn season. The assessment process allows for players to be placed on teams with like-skilled players (Gold, Silver, or Bronze for boys and Gold, Silver A, or Silver B for girls), in line with BC Soccer’s Long Term Player Development policy.

In the player’s U12 year, each tier is further divided (i.e. Silver 1, 2, or 3) in order to better match like-skilled players and encourage increased individual player development. The season will commence no later than the second weekend in September. Games continue on a weekly basis until the end of February with a a 3 week break in December. Boys generally play their games on Saturday and girls on Sunday. The game may be played on either grass or turf, and occasionally travel to districts outside of Metro Vancouver (i.e. Squamish) is required. Specific game schedules are released by the league once the season begins and those schedules are forwarded by the club to the team officials who in turn email to the parents. Please note the club does not create the schedules and only forwards the schedules from the league.


Academy Programs

The club offers additional year round development training programs for players from U8-U13. Players in these programs are trained in a high level training environment by our KLM professional coaching staff. These programs are offered separately from our normal Fall/Winter League registration and our referred to as our ACADEMY PROGRAMS.
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U11 Team 1
U11 Team 2
U11 Team 3
U11 Team 4
U12 Team 1
U12 Team 2
U12 Team 3
U12 Team 4
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Trillium Park
600 National Ave, Vancouver

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Vantech Secondary
2650 Slocan St, Vancouver

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Walter Moberly Field
1000 E 59th Ave, Vancouver

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Memorial South Park
5955 Ross St, Vancouver
@ PrinceAlbert Street & 45th St Avenue

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Field Closures

The Vancouver Parks Board reserves the right to close all Fields in the event of heavy rain that results in the saturation of the fields or the fields having standing water or large muddy areas. In addition if the fields are frozen, have snow or heavy frost on them, the Vancouver Parks Board at their discretion may close the fields until such time the surface conditions have thawed and drained. The Parks Board notifies the local soccer clubs of field closures on Friday afternoons and in turn the club will notify all 8 Aside families by 7pm on Friday. We will also be updating this information on the KLM Facebook and Twitter Social Media platforms.

Field Locations