KLM is committed to PLAYER DEVELOPMENT.  It is crucial to the development of each individual player's soccer potential. It is imperative that we continue and subsequently expand player development program qualified coaches under the direction of KLM's Director of Coaching.

The key to a successful Player Development program is predicated on the full participation of all the players registered with KLM from the age of 4 to 18. KLM will not charge extra for this program. Unlike the majority of the soccer clubs, KLM is unique in that no additional charges will be passed on to the registrants. This ensures that everyone playing for KLM will have the benefit of taking part in development programs without the burden of extra costs. Regardless of any player’s financial situation they will be allowed to take part in the programs, no one will be excluded. KLM believes that Player Development should be made available to all our players at no cost. KLM does not believe that Player Development should be treated as a profit center. We want to teach and improve our players (all of our players) through player development camps and sessions. We do not want to profit from player development sessions. We will strive to give each player equal amounts of time with our Player Development sessions.

Player development starts with our Tykes Program. Our Tykes Coordinator runs the program to teach the Tykes the basics of soccer every Saturday afternoon in a fun environment. In addition to working with the players, the Tykes Coordinator and KLM director of Coaching will work with the Tyke's coaches to support them and give them the confidence to be able to work with the Tykes on their own.

The Mini Program is the backbone of KLM soccer and is crucial to the future success of KLM. This is the level where all the good habits can be taught and the bad habits can still be corrected. This is the age level at which the Player Development Program is the most important. KLM will pay special attention to and promote player development programs for the Mini Level.

The 8 Aside Program (U11 and U12) and the Divisional Program (U13 to U18) are the most high profile levels of our programs. The extent of Player Development for this age level may consist of a weeklong trining camp prior to the season starting if possible, with follow up sessions during the season.