BCSA – BC Soccer Association is the governing body for all amateur soccer in BC

VYSA – The is the governing body for all youth soccer clubs in Vancouver. VYSA registers our players, and schedules games for teams that play outside our club.

BCCSL – The BC Coastal Soccer League covers the districts of Alouette, Burnaby, Fraser Valley, North Shore, Richmond, South Fraser, Tri-Cities and Vancouver Youth Soccer Association. Competition is open to all boys from U11 to U18. The U11 to U12 teams play 8-aside soccer.

BCCGSL – The British Columbia Coastal Girls Soccer League governs teams from Whistler to Bowen Island out to Mission and down to Surrey.

CSA – The Canadian Soccer Association governs all soccer in Canada

FIFA – Federation International of Football Association is the world governing of soccer.


When does registration open?

Registration opens on February 15th of each season.

How to Register

Registration is done online through our on the club’s website.

What form of payment does KLM accept?

We accept credit cards online.

What is the refund Policy?*

Our refund policy is changing for the 2018/2019 season! Players withdrawing after teams have been formed and before the season begins create an administrative disruption for the club, league, and team, and in addition cause the potential for other players to be denied an opportunity to be added to a team roster at the time of selection.  The purpose of our refund policy is intended to ensure that teams formed during the selection/registration process will have the stability to play when the season begins. Refunds of the registration fee, less a $45 administration fee, will be available to withdrawing players as follows:

  • U11 to U18 (inclusive): Prior to June 5th of the upcoming season.
  • U5 to U10 (inclusive): Prior to September 1st of the upcoming season.

Requests for refunds must be made via email to registrar@klmsoccer.com prior to the deadlines above. There will be no refunds after the deadlines.  Refunds will only be issued to the credit card that was originally used for the purchase/registration.

How Can I Download or Print A Tax Receipt?

  1. Go
  2. Forgotten your password? Click on the appropriate link and a reminder will be sent to you
  3. Once logged in, select the player you wish to get a receipt for.
  4. Next page: on right hand side of page, click the “edit button” next to the player name on the roster.
  5. Option to re-send receipt at top of the player profile page. Click.
  6. Will send copy to your registered e-mail

If you are able to view the receipt, but it does not display an amount, or says “waitlisted” please contact:

headadministrator@klmsoccer.com who will be able to help you resolve any issues.

About Playing at KLM

My Child Has Not played soccer before, can they still join?

Absolutely, everyone is welcome at KLM. The goal at KLM is for every player to have fun therefore the club will place your child on the team that best suits their playing ability/experience.

Do I have to volunteer?

KLM is a non-profit society organized and operated mainly by volunteers. We are in constant need of volunteers to ensure that kids have the best soccer experience possible so please consider contributing for one of the volunteer opportunities available at KLM.

As a volunteer you will receive a discount on your yearly registration fees. We understand many of you have schedules that will not permit you to volunteer at KLM, so a small volunteer fee is charged to offset the cost of operating the club. See available volunteer opportunities here:

Does the club offer extra training programs for players who want to play more?

The club offers a Fall/Winter and Spring Professional Academy Training Programs that offer additional training for players. These programs are headed by the Club Technical Director and run by KLM professional staff coaches. These programs are in addition to the main year round league play and teams.

Are my child’s game schedules listed somewhere on the club site?

As soon as the league releases the schedules, KLM will distribute to your child’s coach and manager who will in turn forward to you. Sometimes locations or times are changed after schedules have been distributed therefore this system enables the team officials to reach the parents much quicker via email or some type of group platform directly to update the changes with families.

Is KLM a league or club?

KLM is a club in Vancouver and is a member club of the Vancouver Youth Soccer Association (VYSA). Many of the teams in KLM play in the various leagues offered in the lower mainland for the various levels of play and ability.

How are teams formed?

The Club’s Head Coach, assisted by the staff coaches and volunteer coaches then forms teams based on player ability as demonstrated during coaches’ evaluations and performance at the assessment sessions.


What equipment does my child need?

Players must provide their own shin guards and cleats. KLM will supply a free t-shirt for U5-U7 and uniforms from U8 to U18 for each registrant. Each player will have a ball available for them to use during practice sessions. We recommend players have a ball for use at home.



With the desire to develop teams with a wide range of skills from recreational to competitive, KLM has chosen to have assessments from U11 to U13 and Try Outs from U14-U18. The goal is not primarily to build high-level teams but to create the atmosphere for the most enjoyment for kids. This is based on the belief and experience it is both more fun and beneficial to have kids progress with others at the same skill level rather than continuing to mix all skill levels within a team.

Procedure for U11-U13

Assessments will be held for applicable age groups during the months of March and April. Each player is expected to show up for at least one, but optimally all of the assessments. If the player is unable to attend the assessments, other arrangements may be possible.

Player evaluations will be based on two sources of information: your current coach’s evaluation plus the results of the spring assessments. New players will be evaluated based on their results during the spring assessments. Qualified assessors will be objective in their assessment of each player.

Players are expected to show up for at least one, but optimally all of the assessment sessions. In age groups where a gold team may be fielded, players will be called in for further assessments by invitation if necessary.

Once all players are assessed within a particular age group, a full outcome list will be established. Under the direction of the KLM Head Coach the assessors and volunteer coaches will then decide how the players could/should be divided for the upcoming season. (eg: one Gold team, two Silver teams, one Bronze team, etc.).

Once notified by KLM, a player has 48 hours to confirm the spot offered to him/her. Within one week of their confirmation, if they have not already done so, players must completed the online registration process (or having applied for financial support from the club) to secure their place on that team’s roster.

Players assessed Gold (assuming there will be a gold team within the age group) will be invited to play Gold. Silver- and Bronze-level players will be invited likewise. Based on the number of teams, how the players are split and the desire of the coaches; coaches and managers of each team will then be determined.

The parents, players and coaches are expected to honour the assessment outcome and work together to establish the healthiest and most positive atmosphere for the kids. This includes realizing building friendships with new kids and parents can be very positive when the kids may be shifted in any given assessment year. Kids assessed at a given level are encouraged to play that level, but may choose otherwise.

U11 is the age group at which teams are first streamed based on ability into Gold, Silver and Bronze. Any player currently with KLM who would like to try out for a higher level team in their age group or any player new to KLM who would like to be assessed for placement on a KLM team may attend the assessment sessions.

Procedure for U14-U18

The club conducts tryouts for any players entering U14 to U18 Gold/Silver. Players requesting to be placed on a Bronze level team will be accommodated, space permitting.

For more information or to request an assessment or tryout please forward a request to : tryouts@klmsoccer.com

What is the difference between Assessments and Evaluation?

There is no difference, as they both mean the same thing.


I have read the FAQs but I still have a question.

Contact information to reach the club directly is listed on our club page.