Club Policies

Refund Policy*

- Team Refund Policy -

The purpose of our refund policy is intended to ensure that teams formed during the
selection/registration process have the stability to play when the season begins. Refunds are possible prior to deadline, less a $50 administration fee. The refund deadline for the upcoming season is April 15th. Requests and questions are to be emailed to the registrar at

- Refund Policy (for non-League Programs) -


Refunds are issued for medical reasons with a doctor’s note. Approved refunds include pro-rating the registration fees after a $25.00 administrative fee deduction. Requests and questions are to be emailed to the registrar at

Non KLM Players

Players who are not registered with KLM at the time of registration or the previous season, first need to contact the club prior to registering at:


The Spring Programming or Summer will only be cancelled in severe or sudden adverse weather conditions. If this is the case, parents will be notified via email of any cancellations and the club will do everything possible to make the cancelled sessions up. The club will not be responsible for refunds if we are unable to reschedule any missed sessions due to weather.