victor ghirra    The Victor Ghirra Volunteer of the Year Award is given to a deserving KLM volunteer who shows an exceptional dedication the KLM Soccer Association. The winner will show themselves to be "a cut above", willing to go that extra distance with their time and effort to make a difference for our players.

It was named after Victor Ghirra, a parent who died suddenly in October 2007. Victor could always be found on the soccer field cheering on his sons and ready with a kind word and smile for everyone. In honour of his memory, the Board established the award and it was first given out in 2008.

 Liz Baldry    
Liz Baldry
2016 Volunteer of the Year

2015-2016 Liz Baldry
2014-2015 Janel Johnson
2013-2014 Brian Meslo
2012-2013 Steven Chang
2011-2012 Nicole Oliver
2010-2011 Tom Fairbrother
2009-2010 Doug Anzai
2008-2009 Joe Martins, Kinder Mottus
2007-2008 Tom Higgs