justin manhasIn 2005, the KLM Board decided to set up an award for divisional players. Historically, the mini and 8-aside players enjoyed a wind up at the end of the season at which they were presented with individual trophies. The Board agreed to establish a Leadership Award which would be presented to the deserving player of each Division team.

Early in 2007, the club received word that a 15 year old KLM player had died accidentally while on a vacation in India. This player’s name was Justin Manhas. He played for the KLM U16 Rio and represented the heart and soul of that team.

When the Board became aware of Justin’s leadership role on the team, his involvement in encouraging fellow students to participate in soccer rather than hang out with “questionable” classmates and the high esteem with which he was regarded by both adults and other players, they decided to name the trophy in his honour.

It is now know as the Justin Manhas Leadership Award and is presented annually by members of the Manhas family at our AGM.

The Justin Manhas Leadership Award is given to the player on the team who….

  • leads by example;
  • can be counted on to always give their best;
  • play fair and by the rules;
  • shows true sportsmanship to opponents, officials and team mates;
  • and is a player that could proudly be called upon to represent the KLM Soccer Club.

The awards rules:

  • It is encouraged that only one player per team be nominated in any season, although exceptions may be made.
  • A player may receive the award on more than one occasion during their involvement in KLM youth soccer.
  • The nomination must be approved by the Awards Committee / KLM Board.


2015 - 2016

U12 Cobras - Stella Chang
U12 Dragons - Jase Pagunsan
U12 Dynamite - Michael Seto
U12 Mustangs - Alek Zoric
U12 Pacers - Anthony Jeon
U13 Athletics - Elio Di Nino
U13 Fury - Jason Sahota
U13 Stealth - Michael Dunphy
U13 Warriors - Alessandro Vargas
UU15 Cyclone - Nassim Ajafri
U15 Kickers - Spencer Montgomery-Ruel
U15 Vikings - Ben Louis
UU16 Milan - Juan Milton
U16 Riptide - Eli Bialowas
U16 United - Nikolas Bozic
U16 Wolves - Sivan Prasad
U17 Champions - Geoff McKay
U18 Benefica - Joshua Jose
U18 Kings - Tanvir Dhariwal
U18 Pumas - Preety Sumra
2016 Leadership Winners