Jeevan Pannum    Starting in 2013, KLM has presented an annual award for “Coach of the Year”. The successful recipient of this award is someone who has coached with KLM for at least 3 seasons, exemplifies fair play, shows exceptional skill in motivating his/her players and providing an excellent soccer experience for his/her players.

Nomination letters will be requested after December 1 and the deadline for submissions will be prior to January 31. An award subcommittee will make a final decision on the recipient.

The award will be presented at the AGM in the spring of that year.

Jeevan Pannum 2016
Coach of the Year


2015-2016 Jeevan Pannum
2014-2015 Ray Goldenchild
2013-2014 Joe Scaglione
2012-2013 Klaus Iden, Paul Clark