KLM holds it’s player assessment process for the upcoming season beginning in late-February, early-March of each year. For U11-U13, player evaluation and team selection processes are called “Assessments”, and all interested players across the age-group are invited and assessed as a group. For U14-U18, the process becomes a “Team Tryout”. Tryout formats vary from age-group to age-group based on team need. Both of these assessment processes are overseen by KLM’s Head Coach and a team of staff coaches.

New to KLM? Welcome! New player who would like to be assessed or tryout for a KLM team, should send a request to: The Head Coach tries to reply to every request within 72 hours. We look forward to meeting you and seeing your skills!

Opting-out of Assessments

Assessments are optional for all players. For KLM players or new players to KLM preferring to play at a lower-tiered team or not to be assessed, please complete the online Assessment & Try Out Registration Form below and remember to check the tick-box, “I wish NOT to attend the upcoming assessment or team tryout. I understand I will automatically placed on the recreational or lowest-tiered team for my age group.”

Assessment & Tryout Registration Form

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Player Assessment Process


The purpose of soccer assessments and tryouts are to offer players who wish to play at development or advanced levels, the opportunity to be placed on more competitive teams. Note, that starting in 2018-19, tiers are now called Division 1, Division 2, and Division 3 instead of the problematic monikers of Gold, Silver, Bronze, as they were in the past. The club aims to ensure each KLM player is tiered into a level of game-play that offers them both person success and the best overall development.

Assessment Process

KLM assessments are made up of two scheduled group sessions per age-group. Day 1 is typically open to all interested players. Assessors (staff coaches) provide players several opportunities to play small-sided games, while evaluating and recording their skills. Day 2 is always different as the assessors reorganize the process to match the specific questions remaining. Please note, players are sometimes not called back for Day 2, but that is not a reflection of their play but of the assessment process.

Selection Process

The selection process is based on the club assessment and tryouts, but only in part. Team coaches also complete player assessments based on play over the entire season. If a player aspiring to make an advanced KLM team will miss one or both assessment days (e.g., due to illness), please inform the Head Coach at The club always does its best to accurately evaluate and place players using things such as coaches’ evaluations.

With the completion of assessments and tryouts, players are offered a position on an appropriate team roster in a graduated process. Typically, the club offer positions to players who were accepted into the top-tiered team first. These players/families then have 48 hours to accept the position and registered with KLM for the next season, or they forfeit the position to the next player on the waitlist. Once the teams are formed, the club will finalize the selection of coaches.

Please note that at some age-groups, KLM prefers to finalize the team selection in August in order to ensure KLM field healthy, balanced teams. This means some players may not know which team they will play for until August.

Please help young players (and some parents) understand that the club is not evaluating their value as a soccer player. The club is evaluating the appropriate level for players to compete at for this season in order to offer them both success and genuine development.

What is the difference between Assessments and Evaluation?

There is no difference.

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