KLM’s yearly assessments and tryouts will be held during the months of February and March. Assessments are open to any player entering into U11 (2009) to U13 (2007). Once a player is assessed, he or she will be offered a place on an appropriate team. Our assessments begin the 3rd week of February. Tryouts will be offered to any players entering U14 to U18.

KLM families receive communications each year in January with the dates and location for the assessments and tryouts. New players to KLM can complete the Assessment and Tryout Registration Form below and the club will contact you within 72 hours. We encourage new players to contact KLM at any time during the year as there are always opportunities for players to join the club depending on team needs.

If you are a new player to KLM and would like to be assessed you can request to be assessed by our Head Coach or receive a tryout by sending a request to:

Assessment & Try Out Registration Form

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Player Assessment Process


With the desire to develop teams with a wide range of skills from recreational to competitive, KLM has chosen to have assessments from U11 to U13 and Try Outs from U14-U18. The goal is not primarily to build high-level teams but to create the atmosphere for the most enjoyment for kids. This is based on the belief and experience it is both more fun and beneficial to have kids progress with others at the same skill level rather than continuing to mix all skill levels within a team.

Procedure for U11-U13

Assessments will be held for applicable age groups during the months of March and April. Each player is expected to show up for at least one, but optimally all of the assessments. If the player is unable to attend the assessments, other arrangements may be possible.

Player evaluations will be based on two sources of information: your current coach’s evaluation plus the results of the spring assessments. New players will be evaluated based on their results during the spring assessments. Qualified assessors will be objective in their assessment of each player.

Players are expected to show up for at least one, but optimally all of the assessment sessions. In age groups where a gold team may be fielded, players will be called in for further assessments by invitation if necessary.

Once all players are assessed within a particular age group, a full outcome list will be established. Under the direction of the KLM Head Coach the assessors and volunteer coaches will then decide how the players could/should be divided for the upcoming season. (eg: one Gold team, two Silver teams, one Bronze team, etc.).

Once notified by KLM, a player has 48 hours to confirm the spot offered to him/her. Within one week of their confirmation, if they have not already done so, players must completed the online registration process (or having applied for financial support from the club) to secure their place on that team’s roster.

Players assessed Gold (assuming there will be a gold team within the age group) will be invited to play Gold. Silver- and Bronze-level players will be invited likewise. Based on the number of teams, how the players are split and the desire of the coaches; coaches and managers of each team will then be determined.

The parents, players and coaches are expected to honour the assessment outcome and work together to establish the healthiest and most positive atmosphere for the kids. This includes realizing building friendships with new kids and parents can be very positive when the kids may be shifted in any given assessment year. Kids assessed at a given level are encouraged to play that level, but may choose otherwise.

U11 is the age group at which teams are first streamed based on ability into Gold, Silver and Bronze. Any player currently with KLM who would like to try out for a higher level team in their age group or any player new to KLM who would like to be assessed for placement on a KLM team may attend the assessment sessions. Players requesting to be placed on a Bronze level team will be accommodated, space permitting.

Procedure for U14-U18

The club conducts tryouts for any players entering U14 to U18 Gold/Silver. Players requesting to be placed on a Bronze level team will be accommodated, space permitting.

For more information or to request an assessment or tryout please forward a request to :

What is the difference between Assessments and Evaluation?

There is no difference.

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